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Digital Extremes: iPad will encroach on console's territory

But Darkness 2 project director Sheldon Carter isn't worried about their future

Darkness 2 project director Sheldon Carter has said he believes that mobile devices, including the Apple iPad, will become a real competitor for gamers' attention in the future.

"I think the home console experience is going to be with us for a long time. Do I think that the iPad will encroach? Absolutely, it has to," said Carter in an interview with CVG. "You think about how many iPads are out there already, iPads and other mobile devices. But I don't think it'll be exclusive, I don't think that just because somebody buys one of those things they wouldn't buy a console."

"I think there's always going to be a market for high-end, for people who just want to play the most cutting edge.I think there's always going to be a market for, I want to flop down on the couch and sit back."

Carter was also open minded about the idea of creating a Darkness game for the Apple tablet.

"As a thought experiment yeah I think it'd be pretty awesome. Swiping with the demon arm and grabbing with the demon arm on an iPad, that'd be pretty cool."

Digital Extremes is based in Canada. As well as developing The Darkness 2, the team has a strong background in assisting other developers with multi-platform releases, including Homefront for PC and Bioshock for PS3.

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