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New multiplayer studio opens in Sweden

ThreeGates currently developing a tactical RPG for PC

Sweden has a new development studio in the form of ThreeGates, which will concentrate on online multiplayer and co-op products.

The studio actually formed late last year, but only went public yesterday, after eight months of work. Its CEO is Don Geyer, with Nicodemus Mattisson as chief creative officer.

"ThreeGates is the result of an incredibly talented group of people that has come together in Sweden with the sole purpose of making great games," said Geyer.

"We see online co-op as something that the market is really wanting right now, so we’re working hard to fill that void and give gamers a game that they will want to play."

The studio, based in Gotland and made up of around 25 developers, is currently working on its first title Aethereus, a tactical RPG for PC that is expected to ship by the end of the year.

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