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Ignite Game Technologies secures $7.5m in funding

Developer will invest money in new online racing experience

Ignite Game Technologies has secured $7.5 million in series B funding.

This follows a successful series A round in 2010 that resulted in $3 million in new investment, bringing the company's total investment since it was founded in early 2008 to $12.2 million.

Ignite is currently working on its debut project, an online racing game with a sophisticated physics engine and "proprietary player skill quantification technology."

"There are a number of great racing games on the market but the genre as a whole has seen little real innovation in the past 10 years," said CEO Jonathan Haswell in a statement.

"Most titles make year-over-year incremental changes to visual fidelity and the breadth of cars and tracks on the disc - the eye candy. Ignite will offer a fresh take on the genre, one that rethinks some of the fundamentals and focuses relentlessly on a core aim of live multiplayer racing."

The company was started by by skill quantification experts Jonathan Haswell and James Synge. Ignite's first game is expected to leverage that experience by offering cash rewards and prizes to successful racers.

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