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Respawn staff includes 40 Infinity Ward vets

75 per cent of Respawn developers worked on Modern Warfare 2

As much as 75 per cent of the staff at Respawn Entertainment are veterans of Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward, with 40 of the 53 listed employees coming from the Activision studio.

Yesterday Respawn's website was updated for the first time and although there were only hints of the studio's first game it did reveal details of many of the company's staff - including new hirings from Sony's Santa Monica Studio.

Website GameFront has taken a detailed look at the information and calculated that 40 of the 53 people listed are from Infinity Ward and six of the remaining 13 are from Santa Monica Studio.

Shortly after studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella were sacked by Activision, early in 2010, a lawsuit was filed against Activision by 38 Infinity Ward employees, claiming that the company owned them over $54 million in bonus payments.

Once Respawn was founded an exodus began of staff to the company, thought to include the majority of those behind the lawsuit.

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