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Crowdfunding designed for the games industry

Financial model allows fans to support independent developers

Crowdfunding platform Gamesplant has launched a site to allow independent games developers to use fans to fund their projects.

The company is operated by Galahad Capital Management GmbH, and allows supporters of different projects to make donations via Paypal. Contributions can be anything from €1 to €1500, and there are rewards for participants, ranging from a credit on the game’s website to a share in revenue.

"Developers no longer have to rely on publishers liking their ideas and who then control the financing, but can now test their ideas on the market via GamesPlant and obtain funding for let’s say, a prototype, a demo version or even an entire game from a large group of internet users," says Jörn Renfordt, managing director.

He argues that as well as providing cash, fans can also offer feedback to developers as the projects progress, and that the process allows for complete control.

"With this funding model, developers retain 100% ownership of their concept and brand at all times, so they are generating sustainable values that will help them in the long-term. Gamers can use their support via GamesPlant to directly influence which titles appear on the market and therefore ensure that the games also respond to their needs."

Currently the GamesPlant website features a number of titles, including iPad game Grim Reaper, which has secured €2017 in funds so far, and The Kore Gang, an action platformer that has raised €4432.

Sites like 8-Bit Funding also offer the crowdfunding model, and Zero Point Software is using the model to support its development of FPS INTERSTELLAR MARINES. The model has already been established mediums, including film, where Australian horror thriller The Tunnel offered frames from the film and film credits in return for fan donations. The film was then released free via BitTorrent.

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