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Zipline's Moai platform now in open beta

Powering Crimson, first title for Bungie Aerospace

Zipline Games' Moai mobile development platform is now open to everyone, after it received 700 requests for access during closed beta.

"From day one we’ve been focused on creating a mobile platform powerful enough for the world’s top studios without the limitations of closed frameworks," said CEO Todd Hooper.

"It’s been absolutely terrific to put Moai to the test with Jordan’s team on Crimson and with Nay Games on Bubble Ball. Every mobile game developer can now sign up for a Moai beta account and start using the same platform as these guys."

The open beta allows developers to explore the iOS and Android platform and make the most of the cloud based gaming services. The platform uses Lua scripting, and has already attracted the attention of Harebrained Schemes, currently developing Crimson for release by Bungie Aersospace, and Nay Games.

"The Moai platform is helping us build a great game faster than we could have otherwise," said Harebrained Schemes' Jordan Weisman. "It allows us to get our ideas on to multiple hardware platforms very quickly so we can play test them on the actual devices."

Nay Games are also using the platform for downloadable content for its hit game, Bubble Ball, which has had over 10 million downloads since release.

"Moai's cloud services are perfect for Bubble Ball's new downloadable content," added Robert Nay, president of Nay Games.

"I get to write the cloud back end in Lua, the same language as Bubble Ball itself. Also, I don't have to set up the servers and worry about them going down. It's all done for me."

Zipline Games is based in Seattle with a focus on mobile games development. Its two latest titles, Wolf Toss and Chronosaur, will be released later this summer.

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