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PSP dominates Japanese hardware sales

3DS sales barely a third of Sony's portable in run up to Golden Week

The PSP almost outsold all other formats combined in Japan last week, in the run up to the ongoing Golden Week series of public holidays - with 3DS sales still lagging well behind in second place.

In the last few shopping days prior to Golden Week most formats saw an increase in sales, despite a lack of any major new software titles. Nevertheless, PSP sales increased by almost 28,000 units to 77,225 - including 251 for the PSPgo.

By comparison 3DS sales rose by only 5,000 to 28,413 - with no software titles in the top 10. PlayStation 3 sales rose by a similar amount to 23,954 units for the week.

The Nintendo DS family of consoles saw sales rise by over 3,500 units to 17,138; while Wii sales were up by 3,000 to 10,889.

Although it has only one software title in the top 50 (El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron at number 14) Xbox 360 sales more than doubled to 4,082. PlayStation 2 sales increased by only a few hundred to 1,582.

Platform This Week Last Week
PSP 76,974 49,162
3DS 28,413 23,038
PlayStation 3 23,954 19,033
Wii 10,889 7,866
Nintendo DSi XL 9,235 7,064
Nintendo DSi 7,584 6,214
Xbox 360 4,082 1,891
PlayStation 2 1,582 1,163
Nintendo DS Lite 319 283
PSPgo 251 265
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David Jenkins