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UKIE partners with tax specialist Jumpstart

Reduced rates for UKIE members and exclusive R&D tax credit helpline

British trade association UKIE has signed a three-year deal with research & development tax credit specialists Jumpstart, giving members access to the company's services at reduced rates.

UKIE members will also be able to get free advice about how R&D tax credits can benefit their businesses through an exclusive UKIE help line.

"I welcome this new partnership between UKIE and Jumpstart, not only as a UKIE board member but also as the MD of my own business Mastertronic," said UKIE chairman and MD Andy Payne.

"Mastertronic has recently worked with Jumpstart, to maximise our R&D tax break revenue and I personally recommend that all UKIE members make use of the excellent service that Jumpstart provide," he added.

Jumpstart employs teams with the scientific and technical knowledge to identify and justify eligible projects for R&D submission. It deals directly with the staff involved in development, to help ensure HMRC criteria for eligibility are met.

The firm then attempts to secure a tax benefit for the developer in the form of a payable cash credit, a tax rebate, or an enhanced deduction that can be used against future profits.

Jumpstart claims a 98.6 per cent record of success and operates a no-win, no-fee policy for its services.

"The UK's games industry has proved time and again that it has world-beating potential, but support from government and government bodies have been lukewarm to say the least," said Jumpstart director Richard Edwards.

"We are delighted to have been invited on board by UKIE to help make a real difference to the finances of companies involved in the development effort which will take this vital sector forward. R&D tax credits are a notoriously complex area and it makes sense for directors to use the services of specialists, so that they can get on with what they are good at – which is making international blockbuster games."