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Amazon launches Mac game downloads store

Online retailer offering discounts and free game in initial promotions

Online retailer Amazon has begun to sell downloadable games for the Mac, as the company continues its close rivalry with Apple.

The new download options are split into general interest software and a specific Game Downloads area, with current promotions including a $5 discount and a free copy of Airport Mania until June 1.

Major products from traditional retailers such as Electronic Art and Aspyr Media, covering games such as Dragon Age II and Civilization V, are included - alongside a range of sub-$7 indie titles. Amazon has offered download of PC games for several years.

Apple launched its own Mac App Store in January, which despite an attack by hackers within the first 24 hours has proven highly successful.

Amazon launched a controversial Android Appstore in March this year, attracting criticism from the IGDA for its terms for developers and resulting in a lawsuit from Apple over the use of the phrase "app store".

The Mac downloads sections on Amazon does not use the term, although it is generally less common on personal computers.

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