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Zuckerberg: All media should adopt gaming's social trend

Facebook founder says that biggest game companies now are social

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that all media forms would benefit from the social approach which has done so much for the fortunes of the games industry.

Speaking at a presentation in Paris, reported by Zuckerberg said that music and film had a lot to learn from the way that companies such as Zynga and Playfish had combined social elements into their products, but made clear that Facebook itself wouldn't be getting involved.

"We don't have the DNA to be a music company or a movie company," Zuckerberg told listeners. "But I hope we can help those companies become more social. We're going to see a lot of the transformation in these industries over the next three, five years that we have with gaming so far.

"In each of these industries - the media ones are going to be big ones... in the music industry, it's going to be people who understand music and people; in the movie industry, it's going to be people who understand movies and people.

"The gaming industry has been completely transformed. Social gaming has taken off from scratch to be, the biggest companies in the gaming industry are now social games companies.

"People listen to music with friends, you read news and discuss it with friends. These industries can be rebuilt from the ground up with social. The opportunities when you make these companies social are a lot bigger than they are (in their current form)."

Some might argue that some music and film services, such as music streaming service Last.Fm, have already begun to adopt social mechanics - but that the companies producing the media itself, have not.

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