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IGN buys UGO as News Corp. break rumoured

Spin-off for IGN within months, and possible new acquisitions, claim insiders

Rumours suggest that IGN Entertainment is preparing to break away from parent company News Corp., with the acquisition of UGO.com characterised as a further step towards that goal.

The acquisition has not yet been officially announced, but website All Things Digital suggests that a statement is imminent.

Although both sites contain similar content the UGO website has less of a focus on games than IGN, and a younger and more obviously male demographic. IGN has an audience of 19.7 million U.S. visitors and UGO 13.1 million.

According to All Things Digital current IGN boss Roy Bahat would remain in charge of the new company if it were to be spun off from News Corp, although the process is expected to take several months.

Other acquisitions are also mooted, with News Corp.'s strategy apparently to create a standalone Web business primarily focused on video game news, reviews, and culture.

Unlike MySpace, which News Corp. is also currently trying to divest itself of, IGN remains highly profitable for the company and it is believed the spin-off is meant as a means to further increase growth.