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PSN back online from Saturday in Asia

As network maintenance on May 31 suggests PlayStation Store return in Europe

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will finally come back online in Asia from Saturday, May 28, as the PlayStation Store prepares to return in Europe.

The return of the PlayStation Network in Japan and other Asian territories has faced legal problems not evident elsewhere in the world, with the Japanese government demanding specific reassurances from Sony before allowing it to return.

According to a report from Andriasang these issues have now been resolved and the PlayStation Network and Qricoity services will return in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malasia, Indonesia and Thailand.

As in the West users will be forced to change their passwords when they log in, but they will also be able to download free games as part of a Welcome Back program for both PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Sony will also give all PlayStation Network owners 30 days of free PlayStation Plus access, as well as 30 days free Platinum membership of the Japanese Weekly Toro Station news app.

Users will also receive free personal space for PlayStation Home and free video rentals, although all of the Welcome Back gifts are dependent on the return of the PlayStation Store - which is not yet available again in any country.

Sony has previously indicated that all online services, including the store, will be back online by May 31. Although this has not been confirmed, PlayStation Network maintenance is currently scheduled in Europe between 19:00 GMT on May 31 and 01:00 GMT on June 1.

During these times network services will still be available if already logged in, but account registration and management will be taken offline.

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