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Dare to be Digital launches Dare Academy

Three new university courses focus on 3D modelling, QA, and game creation

Organisers of the annual Dare to be Digital student contest have announced new 'Dare Academy' courses, to be held at the UK Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education at the University of Abertay Dundee.

The courses are aimed at both professionals and game enthusiasts, and cover 3D modelling, quality assurance and game testing, and games creation and publishing.

the Dare to Enter the Magical 3D World! course uses industry standard software Maya, while the two-day Dare to be a Game Tester! introduces the quality assurance process and key software tools.

Dare to be a Game Maker! uses the Game Maker tool and is led by a game designer with 20 years industry experience. The project-based course will end with the student creating their own game for release on the Android Market.

"Dare to be Digital really is the gold standard for nurturing and spotting the next generation of world-beating computer game developers," said Dr Louis Natanson, academic director of the Institute for Arts, Media and Computer Games at Abertay University.

"We're very excited to be able to open this up even further, giving anyone the opportunity to learn about 3D animation, game testing and game development.

The first course is due to begin June 18, with more information available at the official website.