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"No offline games" for EA Sports

Peter Moore predicts social future

President of EA Sports Peter Moore has spoken about the importance of social networking in gaming, especially to EA's Madden and FIFA franchises.

"There will be no offline games," Moore predicted in an interview with Gamasutra "And it's very pleasing to see how our industry has embraced connectivity, has changed our business models to react to consumer demands."

Speaking of integrating online and social aspects into EA products, Moore said: "We want to use this ability to make our games less discrete, standalone experiences and more like services. Madden shouldn't be a place you buy, it should be a place you go."

"We're already doing that [with] FIFA... There's a massive humanity that supports this tribal thing called soccer out there, and how do we bring that to life within the video game experience?"

EA Sport's FIFA 11 included Creation Center, which allows players to share their own players and teams online or upload videos of their performances, while the free-to-play Madden NFL Superstars on Facebook allows fans to manage their own NFL team.

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