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Codemasters devs reaching console limits

Bodycount’s Andy Wilson says game’s destruction "sucks up performance"

Bodycount game director Andy Wilson has spoken about reaching the limits of the current generation consoles.

In an interview with CVG, Wilson said Bodycount’s environmental destruction was proving particularly taxing on the consoles.

"It takes a huge amount of effort to get all of that to even work on current consoles, because it takes shit-loads of memory, it sucks up performance out of the consoles like you wouldn't believe," he revealed.

Wilson was also asked if consoles were reaching their technical limits.

"I think [that's] probably fair, yeah. It's been an unusually long console cycle and it's going to run on for some time yet," he said.

"You find the ceiling by building engines, tools and middleware which mean the next game you do on the current generation you've already done all of that stuff, so you can then push it even further."

Bodycount, a shooter with an emphasis on destructible environments, is currently in production at Codemasters' Guildford studio. It’s due for release in August.

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