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100 devs protest omission from L.A. Noire credits

Staff made redundant from Team Bondi upset by alleged Rockstar snub

The credits for recent Rockstar hit L.A. Noire omit the names of over 100 staff who contributed to the game, claims a group of the allegedly overlooked developers.

"These people devoted their talent, creativity and passion towards the project and, as is common in the games industry, have not been credited because they were not there during the final month or two of production, or other subjective criteria," claimed the collective, via the site L.A. Noire Credits

"A significant portion of these people did not leave Team Bondi by choice: they were made redundant as art production wound down, and as Quality Assurance work was shifted off-shore to Rockstar's studios."

The group claims this may complicate efforts to seek new employment, as affected staff's work on the game cannot otherwise be verified. It also feels Team Bondi's primary development role in the game is a key moment for the Australian games industry, and full credits are required to recognise it as such.

The L.A. Noire Credits website purports to offer a more definitive list of who worked on the Rockstar game. The GTA firm has been accused of overlooking staff in credits in the past, with 55 Rockstar Vienna developers not mentioned in Manhunt 2.

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