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Report: New Xbox due at E3 2012

Developer loose lipped about potential unveiling for new console

A developer from Crytek has reportedly leaked information that the successor to Microsoft's Xbox 360 console will be on show at next year's E3.

The anonymous programmer also revealed that popular FPS Timesplitters 4 is currently in production for the new machine, using DirectX 11, and that the game was being demonstrated behind closed doors at this year's event. Crytek, who recently developed Crysis 2, are reportedly also preparing for PlayStation 4 development.

The news was leaked by a "high ranking" member of the Crytek staff to Videogamer. The source also said that the visuals for Timesplitters 4 show a marked improvement on the current Xbox 360, largely in part to the tessellation effects possible with DirectX 11.

Both Crytek and Microsoft have refused to comment on the rumour.

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