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Amazon shipping PlayStation Vita in January?

Customer emails gives tentative release ahead of official Sony announcement

Amazon is letting US gamers know that their pre-ordered PlayStation Vitas will be with them in January 2012.

The news comes from an email to customers, via Destructoid, which states the release date is December 31, and they can expect their machines in the first week of January.

A Sony spokesman told today that there is currently no official release date for the Vita.

The date could be speculation on the part of Amazon, based on SCEA president Kaz Hirai's announcement at the E3 press conference that the machine would be available this holiday season.

European president Andrew House spoke directly about the release date for Vita in an interview with at E3.

"There's a very good and sensible reason why we haven't clarified exact timing in regions and geographies - we were significantly impacted by the events of March 11 in Japan," said House.

"We've undertaken, across Sony but also SCEE, a significant assessment of impact on our supply chain and what we think the long or medium term impact is going to be. Once we've completed that assessment and have a full understanding of what our supply chain looks like then we'll be in a position to be more specific about launch in specific regions."

On Tuesday online retailer suggested prices for Vita launch games of £40, and a release as early as November 4.

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