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Lionhead confirmed for MS press conference

Plus URL registration points to possible new Fable title at E3

Peter Molyneux's studio Lionhead will play a part in tonight's pre-E3 conference from Microsoft, it has been confirmed.

A tweet from Xbox marketing manager Cindy Walker confirmed that the event would include "news" from the Guildford developer.

It is unknown at present whether Molyneux himself will appear, but the former Bullfrog man did take to the stage for the now-infamous Milo and Kate demo at E3 2009. The highly ambitious Kinect title has since been cancelled, with some elements of its technology apparently folded into as-yet unannounced future games.

Last week, Microsoft registered the URL, leading some to speculate that this may be a new, Kinect-centric Fable title.

An unconfirmed report from Kotaku later claimed this game would be unveiled in Microsoft's conference, along with new Kinect Sports, Halo, Alan Wake and Ghost Recon games.

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