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Social2Web gives Facebook games their own site

Online advertising network launches new service for social developers

Online advertising network Adknowledge has launched Social2Web, which enables developers to publish their Facebook games on standalone websites.

Social2Web also expands on current Facebook features to include lower credit card transaction rates, direct payments, display-ad revenue, and a broader range of monetisation options.

Social2Web also boasts features that have been removed from Facebook since social games rose to prominence, like incentivised invites.

"The elegance and power of Social2Web is that it allows game developers to acquire and monetise new users outside Facebook and still maintain their presence on Facebook ," said Social2Web director Bobby McFarland.

"Social2Web empowers social game developers to seize opportunities by accessing diverse customer sources beyond Facebook and using viral features that were integral in catapulting the initial growth of social games, but have largely been removed from Facebook. Social2Web also lowers developers' business risk by not becoming dependent on any single platform for growth and monetisation."

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