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Minecraft breaks 2.5 million sales barrier

Mojang's voxel sandbox shifts "as much as Diablo 1 and FarCry"

Markus Persson, head of Mojang and lead developer of ubiquitous indie hit Minecraft, has announced that his company's game has now sold over 2.5 million copies.

Having pioneered a business model of selling copies whilst still in alpha, and now beta, versions - on the proviso that any future updates come free - Mojang has seen an incredible rush of custom for its browser-based first person adventure.

Currently the game sells at €14.95 for the beta version - the full release, which currently scheduled for 11 November, 2011, will cost €20.

Revealed via Twitter yesterday, Notch remarked that the new sales target means that the game has sold more than Wikipedia states either Diablo 1 or FarCry ever did.

But the game has taken one more major step towards even further success by appearing as part of Microsoft's E3 presentation, in which it was detailed that a Kinect-empowered version of the game would be coming to Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade this Winter, albeit in a form crafted by an external studio.

A similar business model to Mojang's is being used by isometric indie survival title Project Zomboid, although largely because of a technicality in the terms and conditions of Google Checkout - which doesn't allow the sale of pre-orders or beta versions. Instead, Project Zomboid beta buyers receive a free indie game alongside the prototype code.

For an in-depth interview with Mojang's business development head, Daniel Kaplan, head over to's feature section

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