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Xbox COO sceptical about Vita's chances

Dennis Durkin doubts the future of PlayStation's new handheld

Dennis Durkin, chief operating officer for Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, predicts difficulties for Sony's new handheld, the PlayStation Vita.

"I’m not sure I would want to be launching a dedicated portable device right now into that market," said Durkin in a recent interview with Industry Gamers. "If you look at the 3DS, certainly versus people’s expectation's it’s not been as successful as people would have thought. So that’s a very crowded market and a very, very red ocean right now with a lot of change happening. So I’m not sure it's [a good idea.]"

"You only have a certain number of bets you can make as a company and you have to decide what you want to put your wood behind and I’m just not sure that that’s a place that I would put mine."

He was more positive about the future of the Xbox 360, and Microsoft's place in the market. "I feel very good about our relative position relative to both of our competitors. I certainly wouldn’t want to trade hands with either of them."

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