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Transformers Universe producer to keynote Develop

Kris Jones to discuss indie identity, third-party IPs and outsourcing

Organisers of the Develop in Brighton conference have announced that Kris Jones, executive producer of Jagex's Transformers Universe, will give a production keynote at this year's event.

Jones' session is entitled "Changing the Way We Develop Games Without Sacrificing Our Indie Identity" and will discuss Jagex's history and evolution from a small independent to one of the UK's largest online developers.

Dealing with third-party IPs, enforced deadlines, the use of Scrum and Agile, and changing in-house technology from internal systems to external software and outsourcing will all be discussed during the keynote.

The game Transformers Universe is aimed at Western markets (a separate Transformers MMO is being created for Asia) and due for release in 2012. The team responsible for the title has risen from just three people to over 50 in the last few months.

"I am incredibly excited to be working in this role at Jagex, with a great team and a fantastic IP. The next year should be an amazing experience!" said Jones.

The Develop conference is due to run from July 19 - 21, further information is available at the official website.

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