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New Kinect genres "two years away" - Turn 10

Content creators only just getting to grips with "new frontier" in development

It could be another two years before Kinect ushers in new types of genres and gameplay, according to Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt.

Speaking at E3 last week, the Forza Motorsport producer said that developers are only now getting to grips with the possibilities of Microsoft's motion sensing peripheral.

"We're two years away from having entirely new genres that are born out of this kind of thinking," said Greenawalt.

"Getting an idea to market, especially on a big title, takes years. So it's not a matter of seeing something in a game that you think is cool and six months later you throw it into your game - that's really not the case."

This is a new country, it's a brand new frontier to explore

Dan Greenawalt, Turn 10

Kinect was central to Microsoft's message last week at E3, as it revealed long-anticipated core gaming support for the device from franchises such as Ghost Recon, Fable and Mass Effect. But Greenawalt believes this is only the start of something new and hopes that further down the line Kinect will have pushed gaming into entirely different spaces.

"If I'm honest, I still think the development community is just getting started," he said. "Three years from now, four years from now we're going to look back at the types of games that were originally launched and the types of games you're going to see coming forward and we're going to say 'that was the start of something big.'

"I can't tell you what those big things are. Some of them are secret but most I just don't know about."

Forza was one of the first core games to be shown using Kinect at E3 in 2010, with the Turn 10 team taking the technology and working from scratch to create something unique for the series.

"When Kudo [Tsunoda] was first showing this inside of Microsoft, this sensor, for us we got really excited because I thought about my kids playing Hot Wheels, how people drool over cars at a car show, and all the different ways people interact to cars at a car show," added Greenawalt.

"This is a new country, it's a brand new frontier to explore. We had to start from square one because there wasn't a large development community, everything was in its infancy."

Forza Motorsport 4 is set for release this October.

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