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Venue change on the cards for E3

E3 2011 draws 47000 visitors, but building work may force new premises in 2013

The E3 conference may move to a new location in 2013, due to planned construction work in the West Hall of the LA convention centre.

"We don't want our attendees to have to rappel across a construction quarry to get to a booth," said Rich Taylor of organiser the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) to the LA Times. "There have been other places we've looked at."

However, LA would likely remain the home of the show - a mutually beneficial arrangement, with E3 bringing an estimated $25 million to the city's coffers. "There are other locations that would obviously love to have a show of this size in their backyards," said Taylor, "but thus far we feel we have a strong, mutually productive relationship with Los Angeles."

In the meantime, E3 2012 will proceed as planned. The ESA yesterday revealed that it was slated for June 5 to 7.

E3 2011 drew 46,800 visitors and 200 exhibitors, the ESA claimed, with the nationalities in attendance growing from 90 in 2010 to 106 this year.

"This year's E3 propelled video games to the pinnacle of the entertainment world," said ESA president and CEO Michael D. Gallagher. "The industry's innovation, creativity, and excitement combined to show the world the ultimate entertainment experience.

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