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Rockstar designer launches indie studio

Mainly About Games sets up in Edinburgh

Anthony Gowland, formerly a designer at Rockstar, has founded Mainly About Games, a micro-studio that will concentrate on mobile and web games.

The new studio is based in Edinburgh, with the team's first project being Tealy & Orangey, a web-based puzzle platformer.

"With the varied distribution opportunities now available to developers, it felt like the perfect time to move away from AAA development," said Gowland.

"It's totally viable for a small team, or even a single dedicated guy, to create and market a successful game independently. My passion is in creating small titles that have solid gameplay hooks and big budget polish."

Mainly About Games will also offer consultancy services. ""I think there's a real benefit to having an outsider with a proven track record play through your game with a fresh pair of eyes."

Gowland has been in the industry for over ten years, with six of those spent as a senior and lead designer on Rockstar titles like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Red Dead Redemption.

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