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Yakuza series ships 5 million worldwide

Zombie spin-off racks up sales of 400,000 in Japan

Sega has announced that the Japanese gangster franchise Yakuza has notched up an impressive 5 million games shipped worldwide.

Part of that total comes from Yakuza: Of The End, the zombie packed spin off that has shipped 400,000 units, two weeks after its Japanese release.

The game scored 300,000 sales after its June 9 release, compared to 384,000 for Yakuza 4. The release was originally set for March, but delayed by the Tohoku earthquake.

Yakuza: Of the End (or Ryū ga Gotoku Of the End in its native Japan) sees the PlayStation exclusive series move from the world of gangsters to one of zombie outbreaks, as franchise heroes like Kazuma Kiryu fight to defend the town of Kamurocho.

At this moment there's no official date for a Western release.

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