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Gaikai targeting online TVs

"I would expect it to be on lots of televisions" - Perry

2012 will see game streaming service Gaikai reach internet-enabled televisions, the firm's founder has claimed.

Ex-Shiny man David Perry told Gamasutra that "I will promise you this: you will see Gaikai on digital televisions in 2012, and it will not require any big [partnerships]. I would expect it to be on lots of televisions."

No additional hardware would be required, he claimed: "We're able to stream our [technology] into the TV without putting in any chip.We can put the Gaikai app on the Vizio TV without modification of the Vizio TV."

Gaikai is increasingly in competition with OnLive for the cloud gaming throne, although the company's focus remains licensing its technology to third parties such as publishers and websites, rather than selling product directly.

OnLive, meanwhile, yesterday claimed to that it expected to reach an audience of 75 million as a result of being supported by new upcoming TVs and Blu-Ray player, in addition to a newly-announced tablet version of its streaming software.

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