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Novarama now Sony exclusive developer

Augmented reality specialist currently working on PlayStation Vita

Invizimals developer Novarama has signed an exclusivity deal with Sony and is currently focused on the new PlayStation Vita.

"For a studio geared towards innovation like Novarama, having a partner of the size and experience of Sony is the perfect blend" said Dani Sánchez-Crespo, Novarama's CEO. "These are exciting times to be part of the Sony family. With PS Vita on the horizon, the possibilities for creativity are endless."

The Barcelona based company is currently working on Reality Fighters for the Sony handheld, an augmented reality game shown at this year’s E3.

"This strategic alliance with one of Europe's brightest developers, a developer with unrivalled experience of augmented reality games shows our determination to work with creative and innovative developers," added Michael Denny, senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe.

Novarama was founded in 2003, and its first PSP title, Invizimals, was released in 2010 and also used augmented reality features. Sony has also had success with its own internally developed augmented reality game EyePet.

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