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Cousins to create new ngmoco studio in Sweden

Ex-EA Easy exec joins freemium developer to work on mobile products

Ben Cousins, formerly of EA's Easy Studio, has joined ngmoco, and will open a new studio and lead a team as general manager in Sweden.

"In my new role I'll be building a brand new studio in Stockholm to create freemium games for mobile platforms like iOS/Android" he confirmed via Twitter."Like the team at ngmoco, I believe freemium games on new devices like smartphones and tablets represent the future of gaming."

"These platforms are bringing hundreds of millions of new gamers into the fold, and at the same time existing core gamers are discovering the innovation, immersion and connectivity they bring. I'm excited to participate in helping shape what we believe is the future of games."

Cousins left EA in March, where he was general manager and worked on titles like Battlefield Heroes. Writing on Twitter he added that ngmoco parent company DeNA is "over 80% the size of EA."

ngmoco Sweden will focus on using the ngCore game development engine to bring more content to the DeNA's Mobage social gaming platform. Some of ngmoco's current titles include Rolando, We Rule and Godfinger. It was acquired by DeNA last October for $400 million.

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