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Nintendo rejects free to play games

"I'm not interested in offering software for free of charge," says Iwata

Free to play gaming and microtransactions have again been criticised by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who has insisted that, "I'm not interested in offering software for free of charge".

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Iwata made it clear that, "We have no intention to provide a property to any other platform, or making them available in a mode that does not require consumers to pay at all."

Echoing comments he made at GDC this year, Iwata argued that, "Nintendo is a company which is trying to maintain the overall value of video games.

"If we were simply going to say okay, the only the way we could sell more products is by decreasing the price, then there wouldn't be a bright future and the entire industry will fold."

Repeating the concerns of an increasing number of analysts Iwata suggested that the current success enjoyed by companies relying on microtransactions may not last.

"There are great examples of advertising and doing the microtranscactions, and several companies who have come up with that kind of system. But on the other hand, if you ask me, is this the system that can be sustained for the long time?"

"I don't know the answer. And, my point is that I'm not willing to go that direction, as well," he added.

"When you asked me if I'm interested in this kind of system or that kind of system, I have to say, 'No I'm not. No, I'm not interested.' And, if we do something similar, we are going to come up with something completely different ourselves."

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