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Gloomy forecast for 3DTV

New report suggest one in three will have 3D-ready TVs by 2016, but won't actively use it

Less than half the of the 11 million homes with a 3DTV by 2016 will be regular users of 3D content, claims a new report by Informa Telecoms & Media.

Titled Global 3DTV Forecasts, it explains that among early adopters of the technology, around 90 per cent are actively accessing 3D content. As 3D technology becomes a standard feature for those upgrading their television sets that active percentage will fall.

While it recognises that media companies like Sky and the BBC are producing 3D content, it's sceptical about the demand.

"Public reaction has been mixed – due to both a lack of content and a simple failure of the public to engage with what is, essentially, a new type of viewing experience," explains Adam Thomas, Informa senior analyst and author of the report.

"We do not share the view that 3D represents the obvious next evolutionary step for TV, in the same way that colour followed black and white, or HD is following SD. 3DTV is less of an enhancement and rather more a new type of viewing experience – one that many people will enjoy, but some way from becoming ubiquitous."

Sony has invested large amounts in manufacturing 3D televisions and producing stereoscopic content like Killzone 3, while Microsoft supports 3D gaming with the Xbox 360, and is rumoured to be planning the introduction of full stereoscopic 3D too.

The report can be seen in full here.

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