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League of Legends splits European territory

Developer Riot Games hopes to improve performance and wait times

Riot Games, developer and publisher of the online RTS game has split League Of Legends' European territory in two in a bid to improve performance and reduce login times.

“While we’re extremely excited by the enthusiasm and passion that you have all shown for the game, it has presented complications that we have been trying to resolve,” states Riot Games on its official site.

“Specifically, we want to reduce lengthy login queues at peak hours, eliminate our reliance on New York based overflow servers, and drastically reduce the number of unexpected server outages.”

The two territories will now be EU West, and EU Nordic & East. The UK, Germany and France will fall into EU West, with Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic becoming part of EU Nordic & East.

Riot Games is expecting only 12 hours of downtime to complete the process, and states on its website that it isn't currently planning to divide any more territories.

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