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Mini Metro sells over one million units

Subway designing management sim joins Mightier platform

Subway designing sim Mini Metro has sold over one million units since its launch, and will be the latest game added to the Mightier platform.

Mini Metro joins recent addition You Must Build a Boat on Mightier, a platform intended to help young children and teens learn to manage emotions, cope with stress, and recognize and cope with negative thoughts. It consists of an app that's paired with a heart rate monitor worn while playing games, where the game will become more challenging as children become stressed by it. Support materials and parent guidance help children learn calming techniques when this happens, bringing the game down to a more manageable level.

Mightier was created out of Boston Children's Hospital, and reports that on average, families who have used Mightier for ten weeks see 62% fewer outbursts than before, 40% fewer oppositional behaviors, and 19% less parental stress.

"The work Mightier is doing to improve children's emotional regulation through the power of play is inspiring," said Dinosaur Polo Club co-founder Robert Curry. "Mini Metro has unexpectedly received praise as a 'game for good' and an 'empathy simulator,' so we're thrilled to see it added to the Mightier library, knowing that our work can help families and society at large."

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