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Portal 2 writer Jay Pinkerton returns to Valve

Pinkerton is back one year after leaving, follows The Invisible Hours writer Rob Yescombe's arrival at the company

Jay Pinkerton has returned to work at Valve, one year after he left the company as part of an exodus of writing talent.

Valve confirmed that Pinkerton was once again working at the company to PC Gamer, after a Reddit user noticed that he was listed on its staff page.

Pinkerton co-wrote Portal 2, as well as contributing to Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. He initially left Valve in June 2017, one of four members of Valve's writing team to depart in the space of 18 months.

His return will be warmly received by those waiting for more Valve games in the vein of Portal, Left 4 Dead and, of course, Half-Life. It also closely follows Rob Yescombe, writer of The Invisible Hours, joining the company.

This year, Valve acquired Firewatch developer Campo Santo. It will be the publisher of the studio's second game, In the Valley of Gods.

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