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Tankee launches kids' gaming content network

Platform will show age-appropriate gameplay videos for titles like Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, and others

With concerns about children's content consumption ever at the front of parents' minds, a new company called Tankee is offering one possible solution. The Austin-based company has launched its namesake platform, Tankee, as a kid-friendly gaming video network targeted toward ages 6-12.

Tankee will feature age-appropriate gaming videos for titles such as Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, and others. A continuous flow of licensed and curated content is planned through partnerships with streamers such as CutePlay, JeromeASF, NyteOwl, Speedy, Thinknoodles and ThnxCya. Viewers can interact by creating highlight clips, reacting with stickers, saving videos, and following creators they enjoy.

At launch, Tankee will be available on iPad only.

Creators Gerald Youngblood and Dan Chiu together have experience at companies such as AMD and ESPN, and with background in esports, gaming, product development, and marketing.

"Parents are faced with a false choice of having to shut down access for their children or accepting the ills of the Internet at large and they shouldn't have to choose," said Youngblood. "A solution needs to exist that's built with kids in mind and that's why we created Tankee. We want kids to be able to enjoy the art and fun of gaming without parents being worried about what their kids may see next."

To that end, Tankee has partnered with SuperAwesome to use its parental control technology. Its AwesomeAds filter aims to ensure children do not see age-inappropriate ads, and other features include stringent data privacy standards and tools for parental involvement.

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