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Vertigo Games launches publishing company Vertigo Arcades

New venture will focus on VR arcade publishing and technology

Arizona Sunshine studio Vertigo Games has launched a new, separate company called Vertigo Arcades that will focus on VR arcade publishing and technology.

Vertigo Arcades aims to connect VR developers with VR arcades and entertainment venues through a platform called the VR Arcade Suite. The suite serves as a content launcher for location-based VR titles that can be used in arcades, and includes multiple features tailored for such venues such as tracking systems and mixed reality functions. Over 300 VR arcades across 40 countries have already signed on to the venture.

As a part of the Vertigo Arcades publishing portfolio, the company will launch a location-based version of Arizona Sunshine as a flagship game in the VR Arcade Suite. A separate, custom game based on Arizona Sunshine using location-based VR is also in development through a partnership with Nomadic.

"Vertigo Arcades leverages its existing network of developers and physical footprint to grow the out-of-home VR revenue for our partners," said Managing Director Richard Stitselaar. "From developer tools to in-arcade marketing and promotions, we're working to make this market more accessible for consumers, VR arcades, and VR game developers alike. It's our belief that larger, warehouse-scale experiences of VR games like Arizona Sunshine--LB VR Edition are a key part of expanding consumer interest and increasing the business viability of VR development."

Vertigo Arcades will also provide tech support and resell location-based VR and arcade hardware.

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