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IndieBox shuts down subscription service

Company will be moving in new direction but promises more collector's editions in the future

IndieBox, which has been creating collectors' editions for independent games since 2013, has announced the cancellation of its subscription service.

Over the last four years, IndieBox has created special editions for over 40 games including The Stanley Parable and Super Meat Boy. The subscription model, which serviced over 3,000 members each month, will cease with the shipping of Torchlight II: The Collector's Edition.

IndieBox has stated that the company is not closing down, but simply changing direction, citing difficulties with the subscription model.

"Not to get 'too business-y', but there is this delicate balance between audience size, perceived product value, and cost of goods for each game we produce," said IndieBox. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to make the model work given the amount of effort needed to produce Collector's Editions each month and the amount of subscribers we had."

IndieBox stated that while it cannot share many details, the company is working on a number of projects, including more collector's editions.

The team also thanked everyone involved over the years, saying: "You've inspired us every step of the way to constantly improve, question, revamp, and celebrate. You made this subscription service possible. It has been an absolute pleasure serving you and our community of subscribers and we are looking forward to the road ahead."

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