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GlobalStep acquires Bug-Tracker

Dallas-based QA and data analytics firm adds localization to its offerings with purchase of Montreal QA outfit

GlobalStep has acquired Bug-Tracker, Inc. The Dallas, TX-based QA and data analytics firm today announced the acquisition today as part of its plan to establish "a major presence" in Montreal, where Bug-Tracker is based.

"Montreal is a great location with a tremendous creative ecosystem for the games industry, a large pool of talent, and a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment. We're proud to now be a part of it," GlobalStep CEO Gagan Ahluwalia said. "Our new operations in Montreal will add localization capability to our portfolio of services as well as greater flexibility and geographic reach in serving our customers. Some of the initiatives we are considering in Montreal include the further development of artificial intelligence in data analytics for video games."

The Bug-Tracker branding appears to be a casualty of the acquisition, as the combined companies will simply be known as GlobalStep going forward. Bug-Tracker employs 200 people, but GlobalStep has said it wants to grow the team further.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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