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PUBG has doubled total banned players in a month

BattlEye has banned 322,000 players, with as many as 13,000 banned every day

As the audience for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds grows, so too does the need to police its community. According to the anti-cheat software firm BattlEye, as many as 13,000 players are banned every day.

The range for banned players is currently between 6,000 and 13,000 each day, BattlEye said on Twitter, but that spiked to reach 20,000 in 24 hours last week. In total, 322,000 PUBG players have been banned to date.

The PUBG community is still growing rapidly, with sales passing 15 million units last week and its peak concurrent players nearing 2.3 million over the weekend. However, the 322,000 banned players is double the amount that had been banned only a month ago, BattlEye said.

Creative director Brendan Greene has demonstrated a willingness to ban problematic players, pushing back against a popular streamer for breaking PUBG's rules earlier this year. Blizzard is also fighting a very public battle against antisocial and abusive behaviour in Overwatch, to the point where the effort to police the community has slowed development of the game.

And PUBG's audience will only get bigger from here. Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz at Devcom this year, Brendan Greene stated his ambition to rival League of Legends and reach 100 million users.

Thanks VG247.

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