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Overwatch hits 35 million players

The player base continues to grow, but it's slowing

Overwatch has just hit 35 million players worldwide. The news was announced over Twitter, and while there is no comprehensive breakdown of where these numbers come from, it represents an increase of five million since April.

The growth of Overwatch has slowed somewhat however. The game leaped from 25 million to 30 million in a few short months at the start of 2017, but has taken twice that long to reach the next milestone.

Interestingly though, the game is not free-to-play in China unlike many other Western titles which have been released in the region. This at least means the 35 million figure won't be over-inflated by free-to-play accounts, save for some opened during free trials.

Given Blizzard's sizeable investment into the Overwatch League, and the reported $20 million franchise fee, it's good news that the game continues to grow. But the question still remains whether this will be enough to support the lofty goals of the league when it officially launches in December.

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