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Fortnite reaches ten million players

The free battle royale mode is still a long way behind PlayerUknown Battlegrounds, however

Epic Games' today announced that Fortnite Battle Royale has reached ten million players.

The free-to-play game has amassed a sizable base since its launch just two weeks ago, placing itself in direct competition with PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds to be de facto head of the battle royale playground.

Despite currently remaining a long way behind PUBG, Fortnite earlier this week peaked at 525,000 concurrent players, and a total of 3.7 million active users in one day across all platforms.

This news comes shortly after PUBG made yet more headlines topping 15 million copies sold and peaking at nearly two million concurrent players on Steam earlier this week. PUBG's growth appears almost unstoppable, having reached ten million sales only a month prior.

However, Fortnite could represent some stiff competition in the long run as the user base grows and its free-to-play model appeals to new players over the $30 price tag of PUBG.

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