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SNES Mini sells over 360,000 units in Japan in four days

The console is on track to outsell its predecessor, though stock shortages remain an issue

The SNES Mini has shipped 368,913 units in Japan in the space of four days. The console launched on October 5th and the figures, provided by Famitsu, account for the period until October 8th.

These impressive numbers already put the SNES Mini on track to outsell Nintendo's previous offering of compacted nostalgia. The NES Mini, which was on sale between November 2016 and April 2017, shipped a total of 2.3 million units during the period before it was discontinued.

While there are no figures for the rest of the world yet, the popularity of the console has resulted in stock shortages since releasing in the West on September 29th.

The £70 console remains out of stock with multiple retailers, including directly from Nintendo. Where the SNES Mini is available however, it can often be found selling at an inflated price, such as the £169.50 offering from GAME.

Equally, sellers on Amazon and Ebay are offering the console at prices as high as £130 and £140 respectively.

This continues Nintendo trend of stock shortages, as seen repeatedly with the launch of Amiibos, and more recently with the Switch. Nintendo's star is very much on the rise this year though, following recent the announcement that shares hit a ten-year high.

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