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Tomb Raider creative director steps down to join indie developer

Milham had been with Crystal Dynamics just over a year before joining Outpost Games

Tomb Raider's creative director Ian Milham has stepped down from his role at developer Crystal Dynamics.

Milham made the announcement over Twitter, saying that he accepted a position as creative director with Outpost Games. The studio, which was founded by his former colleagues at Visceral Games, is currently working on multiplayer survival game SOS.

"This was a chance to team up with old friends again on something exciting," said Milham.

He had been with Crystal Dynamics for just over a year, having joined the studio in August 2016. Before that he held the position of creative director for Battlefield 4 and Hardline.

Milham's brief tenure working on the new Tomb Raider shouldn't be misinterpreted however.

"Don't infer anything about CD or Tomb Raider based on this, they've been awesome and people should be very excited by what's coming," he said.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, and a number of AAA titles under his belt, the move to an independent studio should yield some interesting results.

Milham's former studio Visceral Games closed by EA yesterday. "I spent years of my life helping build Visceral Games into something," he said. "Best times of my career. But the margin for error keeps shrinking..."

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