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Tekken 7 has sold over two million units on consoles

It took three months to outsell Street Fighter V which sold 1.7 million console units since February 2016

Tekken 7 has sold over two million copies across Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since its launch in June.

Game producer Katsuhiro Harada made the announcement on Twitter in response to a fan's question.

This places Tekken 7 as the dominant fighting game on the market as far as sales are concerned, with Street Fighter V sat at 1.7 million copies sold since its launch in February last year.

However, SteamSpy figures show that Tekken 7 has sold around 300,000 copies on PC, compared to more than 500,000 copies for Street Fighter V.

This still leaves Tekken 7 on top though, with suggestions it could break into the esports scene where previous instalments failed. Twitch and publishers Bandai Namco even teamed up earlier this year to create a series of esports tournaments for the game, with a prize pool of $200,000 for the six month season.

Tekken 7 managed to secure the series' first UK No.1 since the launch of Tekken 3 in 1998. Harada has previously said that 2017 "will be the year of Tekken" and based on its performance so far, he could be right.

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