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Nintendo claims victory in Canadian case over mods

3DS maker lauds $12.76 million judgment against Waterloo-based distributor of mod chips and flash carts

Big games publishers and Canada haven't always agreed on intellectual property issues, but the game maker today is hailing a verdict in a Canadian federal court as setting a precedent under the country's current copyright laws.

According to the company, it was awarded $12.76 million (which includes $1 million in punitive damages) in its case against Jeramie King and his Waterloo, Ontario-based business Go Cyber Shopping Ltd. for selling mod chips and game copying devices.

"After years of routinely boasting of his activities on social media, King will now be forced to issue an apology on his website for the damage that he caused to Nintendo, its developers and partners," Nintendo said.

As of this writing, inquiries to Nintendo and Go Cyber Shopping about the case had not been returned. The store's website does not appear to have posted the referenced apology, and indeed still offers a wide array of mod chips and circumvention devices, including some for the GameCube and Wii.

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