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Animation veterans form The Nuttery Entertainment

New 'digital-first' studio announces first game, console and PC co-op title Whiskey 'n' Zombies

Industry veterans and founders of the animation studio Assorted Nuts, Magnus Jansson and Erik Öhrner, have opened the doors to The Nuttery Entertainment, a digital-first studio with a fan-centric approach for new and emerging platforms and markets. The announcement was made during the GDC Expo together with the premiere of the studio's first gaming title Whiskey 'n' Zombies.

"We are looking to create great content for an audience with new and changing media consumption patterns. The studio will be digital-first but also fan-centric in creating content, involving the audience from the development stage and onward. With all the new platforms emerging, so does the tremendous opportunities to create fans in new ways" says Magnus Jansson, Co-Founder & CEO of The Nuttery Entertainment.

The Nuttery Entertainment has a slate of projects in development, ranging from animation projects, to games, AR/VR content to non-scripted music-based content. The first project in the slate was announced during the GDC Expo, a four-person co-op console/PC game called Whiskey 'n' Zombies. Set in the Deep South, four individuals who really, really, really don't like each other find themselves in a bit of a situation... a zombie apocalypse kind of situation. Using new technology and next-generation narrative game engine, the game will dynamically deliver a unique experience every time with comedy, surprise, thrills, and of course, a whole heap of fun as you are trying to traverse back-country Americana in search of safety. The game is slated for release on consoles and PC in late 2017.

"The reception from players and fans have been great and we look forward to developing the game further with everybody. Whiskey 'n' Zombies is our first announcement but we have even bigger things coming up. We have incredible partnerships with major brands and bleeding-edge technology companies for our upcoming. It's a diverse slate but what connects them to us as a studio is the inclusive and fan-centric development process and going digital platforms first." says Erik Öhrner, Co-Founder and COO at The Nuttery Entertainment.

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