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Digital retailer Chrono.gg secures $1m in funding

Store uses influencers to market its wares, sell ones game at a time

Chrono.gg has announced it has secured $1m in funidng that will help the firm grow its unusual retail offering.

Launched last year, the site only ever sells one game at a time, offering it for a limited period at a discounted price. It also calls upon influencers with much of its marketing, partnering with the likes of John "TotalBiscuit" Bain to promote each of its deals.

The funding was led by major angel investor network AIM Group, Venturebeat reports, and will be used to expand its team and launch new services, although it has yet to specify what these will be.

The retailer's CEO Justin Sacks told Venturebeat the decision to focus on a single product for sale helps it stand out in a market dominated by the like of Steam and GOG.

"There are more than 80 games launched on Steam every week," he said. "Finding the games that are of the quality [gamers] want and the mechanics/playstyle they're looking for is getting more and more difficult. By us featuring just one at a time, we're putting our stamp of approval on the title. If it's a genre you're interested in then we essentially guarantee your enjoyment."

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