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Nvidia announces 1080Ti card

Unit shows biggest uptick against regular card of any in x80 range

As expected, Nvidia has announced it's new top range 1080 graphics card, the 1080Ti. Following in the tradition of previous generations, the card is an improved version of the base 1080 card, but the hardware manufacturer has promised that it shows an even greater increase in performance over the vanilla model than any of its x80 generational predecessors.

Focused around an 11GBPS memory, the card will initially appear as an untweaked factory set Founder's Edition, with partner-brand boosted AIC cards coming at a later date. Both regular 1080 and 1060 AIC cards will also have the 11GBPS memory made available, offering a significant boost in performance. The 11GBPS interface is the fastest ever shipped.

The 1080Ti will feature: 12Bn transistors, a 1.6GHz Boost with a 2GHz overclock, 28 SMs with 128 cores each, 3584 Cuda Cores, 28 Geometry units, 224 texture units, 6GPCs, 88 ROP units and 352 bit GDDR5x.

The announcement came at the end of a day of presentations which covered advanced photogrammetry, the update of Nsight visual studios to version 5.3, Pix for Windows coming to Xbox and a big performance update from Nvidia's Game Ready driver program. There was also a significant focus on DX12 optimisation, with the company reporting a performance increase of up to 23% on some games compared to launch, powered entirely by drivers.

We'll be speaking to Nvidia later in the week to get a broader picture of what the company is planning.

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