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Nintendo increasing US Switch shipments

GameStop confirms new stock inbound this week, although not enough for online sales

US retailers are expecting imminent shipments of Nintendo Switch as the platform holder continues to try keeping pace with demand.

Leading bricks-and-mortar chain GameStop has confirmed its expects the newly-launched console to be in stock tomorrow (Wednesday, March 22nd), Venturebeat reports. However, these units will only be available through the retailer's physical stores and not through its website.

The new shipment to GameStop means other US retailers, including Amazon, Target and Best Buy, are expected to receive more Switch units of their own this week.

Research firm SuperData recently reported that Nintendo has already sold 1.5m Switch consoles around the world, including 500,000 in the US, 360,000 in Japan, 110,000 in France and 85,000 in the UK.

The platform holder has already said it hopes to sell 2m Switch consoles by the end of March, so these new shipments should help them reach that goal. SuperData believes Nintendo could shift 5m Switch units by the end of the year.

Nintendo has already taken steps to double production of the Switch to meet demand, with hopes that forthcoming releases such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Q4's Super Mario Odyssey will help drive interest in the platform holder's latest device even further. If it sells the 16m Switch units it plans to produce, it will be selling at the same pace as the Wii in its first 13 months.

Venturebeat also notes that the Switch's success has boosted Nintendo's stock price, up 1.69% on Friday.

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